High-quality, skin-friendly products offering unrestricted mobility for incontinence sufferers


Incontinence or uncontrolled urine leakage is a widespread, but little known health problem which

occurs in every age group irrespective of gender. This often means that the affected persons avoid

contact with their fellow human beings and become isolated and lonely. This need not be the case.

Many different types of incontinence can be successfully treated.




The material is

made of extremely soft fibres.

This produces a comfortable wearing feeling and leads to

less skin irritation.



The gel concept

integrated in the absorbent

core retains the moisture in

gel form and ideally reduces problems created by

unpleasant odours.




The products are

free from raw materials, e.g.

latex, which contain high

allergy potential.




The special absorbent

core is composed of precisely matched modules. It dries

quickly and locks the moisture safely inside.


The external film

is breathable and has

a textile-like structure.

Sensitive skin can breathe.

Heat accumulations and

bacteria growth are reduced

and lead to much less

skin irritation.



The side leakage

barriers are water-repellent,

are ideally positioned and

provide additional security

during the day and

at night.


Side leakage protection





Odour block


Extremely absorbent core

High wearing comfort


The high-quality TerraCare PREMIUM and forma-care (powered by TerraCare) incontinence products

were developed to enable people to participate actively and fully in life despite the illness.

The products feature everything which wearers expect from modern incontinence products,

and combine high-quality materials with state-of-the-art technologies.


TerraCare / forma-care PREMIUM incontinence products

use state-of-the-art technologies:

for women with

special demands


> Safe and discreet

> Extremely thin

> Skin-friendly

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Highly efficient for an active life

for women and men


> Skin-friendly

> Reliable and safe

> User-friendly

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Reliability and mobility

for women and men


> Highly efficient

> Skin-friendly

> Easy to put on

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